Back to topQ. What is the Foundation and what does it do?

A. The ACVIM Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization created in 2000 to support and advance the work of specialists in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM). The ACVIM Foundation was created to give veterinarians, animal owners, philanthropists and corporations a way to support the scientific and educational endeavors of the veterinary community.
Specifically, the Foundation:

  • Funds studies to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal diseases
  • Communicates results of these studies to the veterinary community and general public
  • Increases public awareness of advances made through our work and of the treatment options available through veterinary specialty medicine
  • Helps support education opportunities for ACVIM Diplomates, residents and veterinary practitioners to further the expertise of the veterinary community
  • Helps create partnership opportunities throughout the community of medicine
  • Supports leading veterinary scientists as they take on a range of critical animal health issues within the specialties of small and large animal internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, and oncology.

Back to topQ. What does the term “Internal” encompass as it relates to the Foundation’s name American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation?

A. Internal Medicine is a large field that encompasses the subdivisions of Small Animal Internal Medicine, Large Animal Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology and Cardiology.

Back to topQ. What does the Foundation do with the donated funds?

A. Unrestricted funds are used to sustain all Foundation operational and programmatic activities that support its mission to improve the health of animals and humans by funding discovery and education. Restricted funds are used for their directed purpose which may encompass supporting particular research grants, fellowships or public education and awareness programs.

Back to topQ. How do they decide where the money will go?

A. The Foundation sends out a call to entities in search of funding for research projects aligned with the mission and values of the ACVIM Foundation. All complete grant proposals are forwarded to the Foundation’s Scientific Review Committee, a group comprised of ACVIM Veterinary Specialists with a strong background in research. This committee evaluates and makes recommendations from the pool of applicants. Guided by the expertise and knowledge of our Scientific Review Committee, we fund only the most relevant and humane animal health studies.

Back to topQ. What are some examples of advances made through the Foundation’s research program?

A. In just 14 years, the Foundation has supported a range of studies and educational opportunities totaling over $1.5 Million dollars. These efforts have effected real change in the health, wellness and treatment of our four legged friends.
Evidence of the impact made through the generous support of our donors:

  • Improved treatment options for feline asthma
  • Development of a more effective treatment for equine heaves and other related airway diseases
  • Prevention of muscle damage in horses during surgery
  • Improved testing methods for cats exhibiting signs of intestinal disease
  • Decreased death rates in dairy calves suffering from pneumonia
  • Enhanced testing for new forms of cancer treatments in animals and humans.
  • Improved treatment for dogs with traumatic brain injuries
  • A detailed examination of the genetic factors in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common cause of heart disease in adult cats
  • Discovery of drug treatment options to prevent mineral loss and minimize pain in dogs with primary bone cancer
  • Improved prevention options for stress-induced gastric ulcers in racing sled dogs.

For a complete list of funded grants, please click here.

Back to topQ. What are the future plans of the ACVIM Foundation?

A. Knowing that there is a immense amount of vital work to be done to support the mission to improve the health of animals and humans by funding discovery and education, ACVIM Foundation staff, donors, volunteers and other members of our vibrant community are eager to help lead the Foundation forward towards a new era of growth. To that end, the Foundation has a robust strategic plan providing a comprehensive set of goals and objectives including:

  • Improved publication of the grants program and its impact on the ACVIM community and pet owners;
  • Increased collaborations with specialty and general veterinary practices; and
  • The establishment of a dynamic planned and endowment giving programs to ensure long-term operational and programmatic support.

Back to topQ. Where can I find financial information of the ACVIM Foundation?

A. Please call us at 800-245-9081 in order to obtain the most up to date financial information or click here for our 2014 FY 990.

Back to topQ. What is the tax exemption policy for residents of Canada?

A. Canadian residents cannot claim any Canadian tax exemptions/benefits from donations made to the ACVIM Foundation. The Foundation would need to host an office in Canada to be able to register as a charitable organization. We sincerely apologize.

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