Founding Members

A special thanks to our Charter Members who shared and supported our vision of longer, healthier lives for animals from the beginning.

Corporate Charter Members

The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition strives to collaborate with the world’s most pioneering veterinary and nutritional scientists, many of whom are members of the ACVIM. We are delighted and proud to be the first Corporate Charter Member supporting the work and mission of the Foundation. Together we hope to increase the knowledge and education of veterinarians and provide the scientific community greater opportunities in research which will enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease in all animals.

The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition is a state-of-the-art pet care and research facility located deep in the heart of the English countryside. WALTHAM uniquely houses our pet dogs and cats in beautiful, purpose-built, environmentally-enriched surroundings. The research we do revolves around improving the health and welfare of companion animals and is designed to set the highest of ethical standards; we do not support or undertake any work that causes animals to suffer. Our pets are well socialized, happy cats and dogs. The outputs of our work support the global Mars Inc. Petcare brands which include Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Whiskas. Our philosophy of pet care and investment in the well-being of our pets provides better and more relevant science to the pet at home. Our way of thinking stimulates innovative solutions to research problems and the quality of our research, published in peer-reviewed, high-impact journals, has lasting positive effects on the health and care of pets worldwide.


ACVIM_Logo_RGB(L)The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through education, training and certification of specialists in veterinary internal medicine, discovery and dissemination of new medical knowledge, and increasing public awareness of advances in veterinary medical care.  The ACVIM is the international certifying organization for veterinary specialists in cardiology, large animal internal medicine, neurology, oncology, and small animal internal medicine, and is an integral supporter of the ACVIM Foundation and its mission.

VCAVCA is the leading provider of pet health care services in the country with a nationwide clinical laboratory system and over 600 free-standing animal hospitals. VCA has an excellent reputation in the pet health care industry. They have achieved this position by acquiring and managing high quality veterinary practices and providing preeminent diagnostic laboratory services for animal hospitals across the country.  VCA strives to provide the finest quality pet health care and excellent client service in a warm and friendly environment. They build client confidence and trust by demonstrating a genuine effort to exceed each pet owner’s expectations.


Practice Charter Members

The Advanced Veterinary Care Center (AVCC)

 Akron Veterinary Internal Medical and Oncology Practice - Ohio

Akron Veterinary Internal Medical and Oncology Practice – Ohio

Animal Neurology & MRI Center

 Bay Area Veterinary Specialists  Center for Veterinary Specialty Care Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates

Dogs & Cats Veterinary Referral

 Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
Interstate Equine Services, Inc.  Pasadena Veterinary Specialists  San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, Inc.
 Veterinary Neurology, Neurosurgery & RehabilitationVeterinary Neurology, Neurosurgery & Rehabilitation
Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota LLC
Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Individual Charter Members

Dr. Kathy A. Arrington
Dr. Jeanne A. Barsanti
Dr. Michelle Henry Barton
Mr. John Barton
Dr. Liesl A. Bigge
Dr. John D. Bonagura
Dr. Luis A. H. Braz-Ruivo
Dr. Edward B. Breitschwerdt
Dr. Nancy O. Brown
Dr. Sharon L. Campbell
Dr. Marcia Ann Carothers
Dr. Anne Elisabeth Chauvet
Dr. Alexandra L. Chisholm-Chait
Dr. Audrey Karen Cook
Dr. David K. Detweiler
Dr. A. Ray Dillon
Dr. Sue Downing
Dr. Elizabeth T. Farrar
Dr. William R. Fenner
Dr. Russell T. Greene
Dr. Craig E. Greene
Dr. Eleanor C. Hawkins
Dr. Greta L. Heidner
Dr. Andrew L. Hopkins
Dr. Richard J. Indrieri
Dr. Christine Carolyn Jenkins
Dr. Jill McClure Blackmer Johnson
Dr. Geraldine McCall Kaufman
Dr. William J. Kay
Dr. Robert W. Kirk
Dr. Mark D. Kittleson
Dr. Catherine E. Langston
Dr. Richard A. LeCouteur
Dr. Patricia J. Luttgen
Dr. Bruce R. Madewell
Dr. David G. McCarroll
Dr. Dennis O’Brien
Dr. John E. Oliver
Dr. Donald F. Patterson
Dr. Stephanie L. Phillips
Dr. Brenda S. Phillips
Dr. Paul D. Pion
Ms. June Pooley
Dr. Keith P. Richter
Dr. Thomas A. Schubert
Dr. Debra C. Sellon
Dr. Rance K. Sellon
Dr. Annette N. Smith
Dr. Patti Sue Snyder
Dr. Kim A. Sprayberry
Dr. Justin H. Straus
Dr. Todd R. Tams
Dr. Bud C. Tennant
Dr. Jeffrey Toll
Dr. Melissa S. Wallace
Dr. Claire Moyer Weigand
Dr. Dayna E. Wiedenkeller
In Memory of Dr. Brannon L. Woods