Educational Opportunities


A crucial part of the ACVIM’s work – and the Foundation’s – is ensuring that residency programs in the internal medicine specialties stay true to the highest standards. Through the Foundation’s active and growing grants program, ACVIM residents-in-training can serve as co-investigators in cutting-edge clinical veterinary studies. The ACVIM Foundation is committed to supporting the vital role of clinician scientists in veterinary education, scientific research and clinical service. We seek strategic partners who share the same vision to grow the grants program and have the ability to continue funding these vital educational opportunities. Please contact us for more information on how to contribute to our Fellowship Program.


Zoetis once again granted $1,000 each to ten ACVIM residents to experience an external rotation from their residency program. These funds will be used to cover travel, accommodations and living expenses while on the externship. The call for applications has closed.

Congratulations to the 2016/17 award recipients:

  • Dr. Lisanne Gallant
  • Dr. Michael Lane
  • Dr. Haley Leeper
  • Dr. Jonathan Lichtenberger
  • Dr. Paige Mackey
  • Dr. Erica Moore
  • Dr. Samantha Muro
  • Dr. Lydia Pan
  • Dr. Ilaria Spalla
  • Dr. Brian ShoemakeZoetis Color resized

What People are Saying about ACVIMF Externships Sponsored by Zoetis

“I spent two weeks with Dr. Jayme Looper at Med Vet Chicago.  This externship was in partial fulfillment of the 8 weeks of radiation therapy requirement as set forth by the ACVIM for medical oncology residents like myself. The time spent with Dr. Looper was valuable in many ways. It not only allowed for a hands-on learning environment to familiarize myself with case management and radiation therapy planning with a linear accelerator, but also for a didactic portion to better understand the mechanisms and approach to radiation therapy. I look forward to further learning in the remaining 6 weeks of radiation therapy in the future. My sincerest thank you to Zoetis for helping fund this experience!”
~Dr. Corrine Camero, University of Illinois

“This grant supported by Zoetis and administered by the ACVIM Foundation Externship Program has afforded me the ability to attend an externship at the University of Bern in Switzerland. This was a fantastic opportunity to not only experience the Internal Medicine Service at another institution, but also allowed experience in hemodialysis which we do not currently have access to at Purdue University. The time I spent in Bern was a great educational experience and I had the fortune to interact with a great group of internists and residents/interns. This experience will not be forgotten, thank you!!”
~Dr. Katrina Stewart, Purdue University

“Thank you to Zoetis and the ACVIM Foundation for the wonderful opportunity to spend time with the medical oncology service at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. My time there allowed me to be submersed in a busy, high case load department supported by very welcoming, knowledgeable faculty and staff offering me a extremely valuable experience.  This unique opportunity would not have been possible for me without the help of the Zoetis externship grant. Thank you.”
~Dr. Charlotte Johnston, University of Saskatchewan


The Zoetis externship award allowed me to travel to the University of Missouri undertaking my resident research project. This was a great opportunity to work with some amazing faculty such as Dr. Allison Meyer and Dr. Dusty Nagy. Their guidance, in addition to mentorship from Dr. Meera Heller, allowed me to complete the data collection for my resident research project. Receiving the award helped me to achieve my goals and requirements of my residency and I am extremely grateful for the assistance of Zoetis and the ACVIM Foundation for this opportunity.
~Dr. Christie Balcomb, UC Davis

I recently returned from Colorado State University where I spent a very enjoyable 2 week period with Dr. Susan LaRue and the radiation oncology service. This externship was made possible due to the generous support of a Zoetis travel grant.  My externship was highly valuable to me for a number of reasons. First, the advanced radiation treatments offered at CSU are simply not available in the UK. I was also really grateful for being trained to use radiation therapy planning software and receiving constructive feedback on my treatment plans from ACVR-accredited diplomats. I really enjoyed making new contacts, learning about new ways of working and hopefully planting seeds for future collaboration. Years ago, an experienced academic vet told me that the most enjoyable aspect of her career had been travelling, meeting and collaborating with like-minded people from far-flung locations. I can now understand why. My sincere thanks go to Zoetis and the ACVIM Foundation.
~Dr. Owen Davies, Royal Veterinary College

Thank you for the opportunity to travel and spend the week with Dr. Kornegay and his lab at Texas A&M. I was able to work closely with Dr. Kornegay and his post-docs in acquiring MRI data on their colony of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy dogs. I learned the pros and cons of different scan sequences and was able to see how they perform late gadolinium enhancement scans to detect fibrosis and I learned their dobutamine protocol to assess systolic function. This knowledge will be valuable in my own research as I will be performing cardiac MRI in a mouse model of Friedreich’s Ataxia and a dog model of Pompe disease. In addition, I was able to network with the post-docs who are also veterinarians and formed professional connections that will be valuable in the future. Thank you again for this opportunity, I enjoyed my week as an Aggie!
~Dr. Monica Tschosik, University of Florida

“Being awarded the externship grant has enabled me to gain experience I would never otherwise have had…  Much can be gained from reading books or articles, but nothing beats watching a specialist in action and listening to the things they have learnt through experience.  With New Zealand being so far away from the rest of world, it would have been very difficult for me to cover the costs of doing an externship of this type. I will always be extremely grateful to Zoetis for giving me this fabulous opportunity.”
~Dr. Sarah Hill, Massey University Teaching Hospital

“This grant provided me with the opportunity to travel to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and collaborate with the Neurology Service. This would not have been possible without the generous support of the ACVIMF and Zoetis. This externship is particularly important to me because Oregon State University does not currently have a neurology service and this experience is a requirement of my small animal internal medicine residency. The experience was wonderful due to the expertise, hospitality, and collegiate atmosphere at Washington State University and made possible by ACVIMF and Zoetis.”
~Dr. Yuri Lawrence, Oregon State University

“Without this travel grant, this externship would have been a significant financial hardship.  I was able to see a large number of dialysis cases, which I had never seen before.  Not only was the clinical experience very helpful, but I had a chance to meet an amazing team of internists and residents!  It was a great experience!”
~Dr. Sarah Cooper, Purdue University

“In September of 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Bern, Switzerland to work at the Small Animal Clinic at the University of Bern for three weeks…  Purdue University, where I am receiving my residency training, does not have hemodialysis and this was a gap in my training up until my trip to Bern.  With the limited funds provided by my residency stipend, I would probably not have been able to have such a tremendous educational opportunity without the Zoetis externship grant.  Thank you for your assistance.”
~Dr. Laura Tonkin, Purdue University

“I would like to thank Zoetis for supporting the ACVIM Foundation Externship program.  We do not have a cardiologist at Mississippi State, and the funds I received allowed me to spend two weeks at Auburn.  This experience was invaluable.  The time provided phenomenal board preparation, and allowed me to be hear the opinions of two cardiologists and improved my decision making for cases I see on a regular basis.  I was also able to assist in the placement of a pacemaker, which gave me insight into the capabilities of interventional cardiology.  The financial support of the grant was critical to my being able to have this opportunity, and I have recommended the experience highly to the other residents at Mississippi State.  This grant provides excellent training opportunities for smaller schools without all the specialty services, and I can definitively say my education has been significantly enhanced even just from two weeks learning under a cardiologist.  Thank you so very much!”
~Dr. Claire Fellman, Mississippi State University

“Completing a cardiology externship within a private practice setting has provided me a skill set complementary to those obtained during my academic residency at Texas A&M.  The higher patient caseload coupled with a large feline patient population has given me much more confidence in my diagnosis and management of small animal myocardial and valvular diseases…I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that the Zoetis grant afforded me.”
~Dr. Carly Waugh, Texas A&M University